Deck & Patio Lighting: Adding Ambiance To Your Outdoor Space

As the sun starts to shine and the weather gets warmer, this will give you more time to spend outdoors with your family and friends, and even time alone if you can get away from the little ones. One of the best ways to enhance these long evenings and nights is to find the right outdoor lighting for yOutdoor_Spaces___Safety our home. Here are some deck and patio lighting tips that we feel will spark your creativity and imagination so you can finally enhance your home’s outdoor living area.

Lighting For Your Deck

Adding lighting to your deck’s posts can greatly extend the amount of time that you will spend outdoors in the evening. Adding lighting to the posts will also give you a greater sense of security. Deck lighting will give you the right amount of illumination that you need close the ground. Your choices of fixtures will not be limited; you will be able to choose the fixtures that will match the surface and colors of your deck to increase its appeal.

Patio Lighting

Have you ever wanted to know how patio seat wall lighting will look? Seat wall lights will be an amazing addition to your patio, and this lighting can also be used on steps that are free-standing. Patio seat wall lighting will add a dash of light to the areas that may be dimly lit. If you invite people to your home who are not familiar with the ins and outs of your property, this type of lighting will be perfect.

Seat wall lighting and stair lighting will improve the safety of your patio or deck because it will add ambiance while preventing any accidents. There are various ways to add lighting to your walls and stairs. With summer approaching, now would be a great time to consider making changes to your patio or deck with outdoor lighting that will compliment your home’s style.

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L ove E arth D ay: LED Lighting for Your Home

Earth Day on April 22nd is the perfect time to revisit your home’s lighting and your carbon footprint. Better still, give Mother Earth a present and switch your CFL (the tubular swirly type) or incandescent bulbs to LEDs, known in April as ‘Love Earth Day’ lights!


The largest difference between a CFL and LED bulb is life. The average lifespan of a CFL is 10 years, calculated on 3 hours’ use per day.  This is without any other detrimental factors, such as frequent switching on or off which detracts significantly. The average lifespan of an LED is 15 to 25+ years. In simple terms switching to LEDs means –

  • Convenience. Much less bulb changing for you, the homeowner.
  • Reduction in waste
  • Reduction in hazardous waste (CFL’s contain small amounts of mercury)

Watts, Lumens and Energy Consumption

The days of choosing between a 60 or 100 watt incandescent bulb are history. Today it is much more important to be aware of how much light the bulb provides than the power it consumes. Light is measured in lumens and the higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

  • 100W Incandescent = 1600 lumens. An equivalent CFL consumes 23W, a LED consumes 14W.
  • 40W Incandescent = 450 lumens. An equivalent CFL consumes 9W, a LED consumes 5W.
  • There are energy and related cost savings switching from CFL to LED, as you can see, but nothing like the reduction seen if you have yet to switch from incandescent bulbs.
  • Because an LED uses very low wattage, there is very little heat generation. If you have an old lamp saying “Max 40W”, you can use any high lumen LED in it today and enjoy much brighter light quality.
  • The use of lower wattage helps Mother Earth in that fewer fossil fuels are used in the making of the electricity.

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has developed some great insight into today’s light bulb terminology to help with your understanding and energy efficiency goals. NRDC also recommends looking for the “Energy Star” endorsement. This guarantees the product meets minimum efficiency, lifetime and quality standards.

Other Factors When Buying LEDs

  • Many LED bulbs and fixtures are dimmable. Consider if this is important.
  • Color. LEDs typically come in Warm White (softer more yellowish glow) or Daylight (cooler bright hue).
  • Shape. LEDs come in all shapes and sizes. The traditional sno cone or bulb shape is good for many applications but does not offer enough downward light for a reading lamp for example. Ask us about options for your decor and specific lighting needs.
  • Instant full brightness (CFLs have a “warm up” time before full brightness is achieved)
  • Cost. Take advantage of Earth Day promotions. While LEDs can seem more expensive, the convenience in never having to change a bulb is a big factor along with their durability. If you still have incandescent bulbs, the cost will be recovered quickly through decreased energy usage. Bottom line: lower electric bills.

If you’ve looked at LEDs in the past and had difficulty finding a suitable bulb, talk to us. LEDs have come a long way in recent years and there’s a replacement LED now for almost every kind of fixture.

At Yale Lighting Concepts & Design, we’re committed to conserving our natural resources and are always here to help you with the selection of the best lighting that balances quality of life with the environment. Contact us today for more insight and ideas.

High-End Lighting for Your Formal Living Room

When you entertain guests, your formal living room often becomes the area where people gather. You’ll, of course, want your decor to reflect your fabulous taste and a chic style — and that includes the lighting. With stunning light fixtures, you can make a huge impression on everyone who enters your home.

Lighting Suggestions for a Fabulous Living RoomHinkleyMarquiseDetail

Chandelier — Make an elegant chandelier the centerpiece of your room. Opt for crystal, a classy look that goes with almost any decor. A design with hundreds of glistening gems and strands of sparkling clear or golden-teak crystals dangling from elaborate tiers of glass-coated steel arms will create a look that will awe all of your guests. Depending on the style of your home, choose a finish in black, chrome, gold, golden-teak, or white so that it coordinates with the rest of your furnishings.

Table Lamps — For a traditional look, multi-colored gems of amethyst, tourmaline, and clear diamonds for a more modern appearance.

Wall Lamps — If you own a few extraordinary pieces of art and have them displayed in your formal living room, you can highlight them with wall lamps. Choose a swing-arm design so you can adjust the lighting however you want it. You can select a finish of brass, bronze, or nickel to match the other finishes in the room. Almost all artwork looks impressive and even more expensive when illuminated, whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, or any other exceptional creation.

The lighting you choose for your rooms will make just as much of a statement as the rest of your decor, so choose fashionable-looking fixtures that will impress. For more information about exquisite, high-end lighting options, please contact us today.

Home Lighting Ideas for a Five-Star AirBnB Business

It’s not easy to become a 5-star host for AirBnB, a short-term rental listing site. Hosts who participate in the sharing economy by renting out rooms or their Kichler_Landscape_Front_Walk entire homes rely on good reviews to boost profits. By using basic home lighting ideas, it’s possible to impress guests and give them a feeling of safety and security. When starting an AirBnB or HomeAway business or listing your home as a rental property, consider a few areas that matter to the guest or tenants from a lighting perspective.

Curb appeal

Some AirBnB guests will simply cancel a reservation if the drive by your home and it looks unsafe. Having safety and security lighting helps potential guests find the lock box or key. Many guests don’t arrive until after dark. Provide adequate and stylish lighting at the entryway and along any sidewalks leading to your home. Some of the popular décor styles for outdoor lighting include modern, contemporary, Modern Farmhouse, Bohemian, Mid-Century modern and industrial. Your outdoor entryway lighting should match the interior design style inside the home. The inside foyer is also an important area for guests who want to see their way around an unfamiliar home.

Ceiling fans

In addition to being able to see the books they are reading at night or find their way around a well-lit home, AirBnB guests like to control the temperature. Consider installing ceiling fans in a few key areas of the home for guests who like it colder. When placing the furniture, place the bed or sofa so that it’s not directly beneath a ceiling fan, but a bit off to the side. Ceiling fan lights also extend the living space to the outdoor patio.

Landscape lighting

A lot of guests like to spend time outdoors while staying at AirBnB. Some guests like a budget-friendly experience but still want to feel pampered on their vacations or travels. When setting up outdoor entertainment and sitting areas, focus on the landscape lighting. Proper outdoor lighting draws attention to beautiful flower beds, birds, butterflies, outdoor décor accents and trees. Guests who want to walk around at night also appreciate good landscaping light.

At Yale Lighting, we help real estate investors visualize what they want with 3 showrooms that showcase the latest in indoor and outdoor lighting. For more tips on the best lighting for your AirBnB and home lighting ideas for a real estate investment, please contact us.

Opulent Lighting Choices for Your Formal Dining Room

When you host a dinner party, you want to make a fabulous impression on your guests. An excellent way to do this is to awe themFEISS ProspectPark-Chad-Dining with your decor. In a formal dining space, it’s either the table or the lighting that becomes the focal point of the room. Once covered with dishes and food, the look of the table disappears. However, if you make the lighting the focal point, it’s something that your guests will see throughout the meal and won’t soon forget.

Opulent Lighting Ideas

Antique — If you love incorporating antiques into your decor, choose an antique-looking light fixture for your dining room. Opt for a 15-light chandelier to impress. Choose a style with a moonlit patina. This type of lighting, with its thousands of moon-dusted crystals and gold finish, will become a conversation piece in your home. Hand-sewn, silk shantung shades will add even more elegance to this gorgeous chandelier and enhance the look of your dining room.

Traditional — For a lighting fixture that’s equally impressive but more traditional, select a 49-light chandelier with hundreds of glittering accents. This eye-catching design comes with strands of clear or golden-teak crystals. The gems dangle from tiers of glass-coated steel arms, which come in a variety of finishes such as black, chrome, gold, golden-teak, or white to fit your decor.

Theatrical — If you want to make a bold statement, try a theatrical-looking light fixture in your dining room. Hang a stunning 18-light chandelier with a faux alabaster shade that’s trimmed with a dramatic border in a Greek Key or fret design. For a truly striking look, select a fixture with eight arms that embrace hand-blown, etched glass globes from France and also display a golden finish on a Lyre pendant. With hardware in light burnished brass that completes the look, this chandelier will keep your guests in awe.

Transitional — For something a little more contemporary but with a taste of European sophistication, try an 84-light chandelier. This grand piece will impress everyone with its sheer size and beauty. Choose a design with polished crystals for a balance of old and new that will look lovely with multiple types of decor. A chrome finish will provide a modern touch or opt for an Old World gold finish for a more traditional appearance.

Modern — If you want a trendy, modern look in your dining room, try a 40-light chandelier that comes in soft gold, bronze, or a silver leaf finish. A design with modern sculptural blocks of polished, emerald cut crystal glass hanging from adjustable six-foot rods will showcase the contemporary style of your home. The cut of these crystals displays their beauty to perfection and will create a dramatic look that you and your guests will love.

For more information about high-end, opulent lighting options for your home, please contact us today.

How to Pick the Right Lamp for Your Living Room

    Your living room is where your inner interior decorator really wants to shine. It’s where your guests are sure to spend much of LAMPLighti Green_9344MST their time, and where the core of any party is going to be. It’s where your true style will be on display, and a big part of illuminating that style will be picking the right lamp for your room. There are just 2 things you will need to think about when you get to this last piece of interior decoration.

Pick Your Look

Lamps can make or break the overall design of a living room, so you will want your lamp to match the look you are going for. If the interior is supposed to carry a French Country house vibe, you will want to find a lamp with the clean lines and soft coloring of that look. If the vibe is supposed to be rustic, you may want something with a copper or wooden base. You will also want something that provides the right type of lighting for your look. Bright white light works for certain looks and soft, diffuse light works for others.

Pick The Lamp For The Effect You Want

It’s all well and good to like a lamp for its looks. An Art Deco little lamp is a piece or art on its own. However, lamps are there to perform a particular job, and if you buy the wrong one for the job, you wind up with lighting that has to be corrected with a second, perhaps not so cute, lamp. So decide beforehand what you want the lamp to do and make sure that the lamp will do what you need.

Do you want an accent to furniture you already have? Are you going for a bright light for reading?  Are you aiming for a soft glow in a room? Each goal needs a different type of lamp. An lamp that is an accent or meant to bring attention to something else, can be small and provide a focused beam of light. If you are going for a spot of light for close work, you will want something bigger and brighter. Perhaps a pharmacy arm or swing arm floor lamp will work. A shade over the light and a diffusion of the light will make a room softer looking.

Fortunately, Yale Lighting Concepts has lamps to fulfill every look and need. Check out our website and showrooms for your options whenever you are ready to add a lamp to your living room.

How to Improve Lighting in Your Kitchen

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