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Unique Lighting For Your Kitchen

As long as the overhead lighting in our kitchen is sufficient, we often don’t give kitchen lighting options much more thought. FEISS Prarielands-IslandChand-Kitchen Additional lighting, however, can improve the aesthetics of a kitchen and change the room from simply a utilitarian space into a place of beauty. The key is to highlight one or more areas with unique lighting options.

Under Cabinet Lights

Under cabinet lights are one way to improve the functionality and beauty of your kitchen. They not only provide additional light when you need it for reading recipes with small print or when you’re making out your grocery lists, but such lighting also emphasizes the beauty of your backsplash and countertops that otherwise might look a bit lackluster, especially when the overhead lighting is off.

Island Lighting

Specialized island lighting is another way to improve the functionality and beauty of your kitchen. You don’t have to settle for ordinary hanging lights over your island. Consider a lighted pot rack that will give you light as well as extra storage for your pots. Or for a trendy look, consider art glass lighting above your island. Art glass comes in a variety of colors to match your decor and provides quite a unique look. For something truly eye-catching, try multi-colored art glass.

Kitchen Night Light

If you don’t use under cabinet lighting or don’t want to leave it on at night, a kitchen night light is a great alternative, especially for anyone who gets up at night for a glass of water or to let their pets outside. Don’t settle for an ugly light sticking out of your outlet though. A Tiffany or Victorian-inspired night light — or some other exquisite design — will keep your kitchen stylish while providing the light you require.

As you can see, no matter your lighting needs, elegant and fashionable choices are available. If you’re interested in the latest in sophisticated lighting, please contact us today. We’re passionate about lighting and what it brings to your home!

Stylish Light Fixtures for Your Home’s Entryway

The first impression of the interior of your home comes when a visitor steps inside your entryway. If you want to create an WAC Lighting_QP-LED544-trio exceptional look, start with lighting. Instead of hanging an ordinary-looking fixture in your entry, opt for a gorgeous chandelier. No matter the style of your home, many stunning options exist.

Stylish Lighting Ideas to Fit Your Decor

Old World — If your home’s decor matches an Old World design, such as Tuscan or any Mediterranean style, consider a chandelier with a bronze finish that comes with lights inspired by medieval torches. This fixture looks fabulous in a single-tier or multi-tier style and offers a unique look with its antique excavation glass. An overlapping Gothic arch is not only beautiful but will diffuse the light to soften its intensity.

Traditional — If your home has traditional decor, try a grand multi-light chandelier with graceful arms. A light bronze finish and sleek candle sleeves will make an unforgettable impression on everyone who sees this gorgeous light. Choose a fixture where the center column consists of classic crystal elements, and then combine this chandelier with a regal ceiling medallion to complete the look.

Rustic — For homes with a rustic flair, consider a multi-light chandelier made from antique forged iron and surrounded by weathered oak in the shape of an orb. You won’t see this type of design in many homes. The kiln-dried wood prevents cracking and warping, and it also kills any fungi or insects in the timber. This type of high-quality product will look striking in an entryway and will enhance any rustic decor.

French Country — For a more delicate and romantic silhouette, such as in a home with French country decor, opt for a multi-tiered white chandelier. Select a design with numerous candle-shaped lights. This type of chandelier works best with a contrasting interior paint color so the fixture will stand out more. Select frosted bulbs for a traditional look or clear bulbs for a transitional look.

Mid-Century Modern — For homes with this type of decor, you’ll want to select a chandelier that genuinely enhances the style. An excellent choice is a lighting fixture with a sculptural starburst silhouette. Clear fluted glass pipes extend in every direction with interspersed burnished brass metal rods. This unique starburst design will become a focal point and conversation piece in your home.

Contemporary — If your home reflects a current or ultra-modern design, a large chandelier with multi-tiers and numerous lights will fit perfectly in your entryway. Select an intricate fixture with gracefully arched chrome or brushed nickel supports and etched opal glass. For a look beyond the ordinary, consider a chandelier with oval-shaped lights and vertical lines.

Selecting a light fixture for your entryway introduces everyone to the style of your home, so make a great first impression with an extraordinary design piece. For more information about interior and exterior lighting, please contact us today.

Home Lighting Ideas: Lighting Your Bedroom

Improve Your Home Lighting Before Your Next Holiday Gathering

Distinctive Outdoor Lighting for Any Time of Year

Regardless of the time of year, you want the outside of your home to look warm and inviting. A great way to do this is to add Progress Ashmore_application_new beautiful and unique lighting to the front of your house.

Porch Lighting — You probably already have a standard porch light next to your front door. To upgrade the look for a traditionally designed house, change out the style to a classic black mount with frosted glass. Try a mount in brushed steel with clear glass for a more contemporary look. For a rustic appearance, bronze fixtures work well. If you also have short stone columns on each side of the steps to your porch, consider adding lantern-shaped lighting atop those columns. Such lights will appear welcoming to anyone who visits.

Path Lighting — If you opt for lighting along the pathway to your front porch, don’t overdo with too many lights. Select short copper, bronze or brass fixtures. Lights with filigree over glass look especially lovely. Place your lighting approximately four to six feet apart. If you’re using extremely bright lights, you should increase the distance between each light.

Landscape Lighting — Using well lights or in-ground lighting works beautifully to highlight your garden, bushes, or trees. These light fixtures are not as noticeable as taller landscape lighting, so all of the attention will remain on your gorgeous foliage. For tree lighting, you might need more than one light for the best effect.

Special Lighting — A lighted fountain in your yard or on your front porch made of natural slate, travertine, or sandstone will draw everyone’s attention. The soothing sounds of the water and the charm of the lights will relax you after a hard day. You’ll become the envy of the entire neighborhood with such a beautiful addition to your home’s exterior.

For additional information about outdoor and indoor lighting, please contact us today.

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