2 Stunning Lighting Ideas For Your Outdoor Patio

_R0F6728 In order to achieve the right ambiance, you must have the right lighting. If you are looking for new lighting ideas, consider these fun options listed below!

  1. Indoor Lighting For Better Outdoor Lighting: When you are thinking about outdoor lighting ideas for your patio, it makes sense that you would not be thinking about the lighting inside your home. However, if you have a home with plenty of large open windows and French doors, take into consideration how you can design your indoor home lighting scheme to give off warmth and coziness to the patio. Supplement that lighting with a few wall lamps illuminating off of outdoor vines and you have a golden, warm atmosphere for your patio.
  2. Go Contemporary: At the opposite end of the outdoor lighting option is something much more modern and cool. While the first idea emphasizes warmth and sereneness, this option is much more contemporary and cutting edge. Consider installing projected lighting and colored LEDs to give off an ultra chic, Los Angeles vibe around your patio. Pair the lighting with patio benches and tall white walls and you’ve created stunning imagery that all of your dinner party guests will fawn over.

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