Five High-Impact Ways to Illuminate Your Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to injecting drama and beauty into your exterior spaces, nothing quite beats the glow and sparkle of thoughtfully Kichler_Landscape_Front_Walk planned outdoor lighting.

To give your home an instant ambience upgrade that will boost curb appeal and extend the use of your outdoor spaces, consider these five, high-impact ideas from our lighting designers:

  1. A warm welcome. Path lights – available in a variety of styles – create a welcoming glow and help guests navigate walkways safely. Bring a sense of balance to your lighting plan by staggering the arrangement of your lights and consider low-voltage options for optimal energy savings.
  2. Natural drama. Accent the natural beauty of your property and your home’s unique architectural details with landscape lighting. Place up-lights under a beloved tree to create dramatic shadows and highlights its green foliage. Or install low voltage accent lights to highlight shrubs and other garden features.
  3. All decked out. When the sun goes down, the party can go on with LED deck rail, recessed step and post-cap lights. For added ambience, consider outdoor-rated table and floor lamps to bring a cozy feel to your outdoor living spaces.
  4. Water feature illumination. Add a little shimmer to your pond with an LED pond light kit. LEDs offer superior protection against water corrosion and have an extra-long lifespan.
  5. Timing and controls. Automation is the easy way to ensure your home’s exterior is illuminated in the evening hours. Easy-to-install timers automatically turn outdoor lighting on and off during designated ties of the day and many feature dimmer controls for added energy savings.

Ready for a fresh, new take on exterior lighting? Stop by one of Yale Lighting Concepts & Design’s showrooms or browse our huge selection of outdoor lighting including wall-mount fixtures, path lights, landscape lighting and more at

Unique Lighting for a Small Powder Room

A powder room is a convenience in any home, but it’s such a small area that it often doesn’t seem worth the time to worry about its Denhelm_Bath decor. However, installing unique lighting can transform even a small powder room into a stylish space.

Lighting Ideas for a Powder Room

Pillar Candles — For an eye-catching vintage look, try a pillar candle light fixture with one or more bulbs. These lights look like old world candles mounted on an iron or nickel base. For a vintage, classic, or traditional decor, pillar candles will add interest to your powder room and still complement your home’s design.

Beveled Crystal — For a unique contemporary look, opt for shimmering crystals designed around a tubular frame. Choose a chrome color scheme for a clean, lustrous look or rosy crystals to add color. The integrated LEDs in this style will keep the small space cooler while providing a stunning focal point in the room.

A Column of Light — For a sleek modern look, install a light cylinder with embedded bubbles mounted on a polished chrome base. This trendy light will provide a distinctive look in your home. The integrated LEDs make the bubbles in the design stand out and appear as if they’re, in fact, floating among the light.

Art Glass — For a striking look, regardless of your decor style, try a lighting fixture that’s hand-blown. The colorful art glass comes in patterns for additional interest, or you can stay with a smoother look in a solid color. Such an elegant light fixture will become a favorite decorator item and a conversation piece in your home.

With beautiful lighting, you can turn your powder room into a chic space. For more information, please contact us. We have lighting options available for every room in your home.

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The Right Light Is Everything

Remember as kids our parents told us to turn on more light when we were reading? Well they knew best after-all even though we child learns at night said we could see perfectly well. We were also right.  As we age, our eyes vary.  The need for more light to read by increases by 1%. So as that 10 year old, one could read by 40 watts or hardly any light at all but that sure changes as we grow older. By the time you’re 60, you’ll need approximately 100 watts.

No matter the age it’s important to consider the amount of light needed to avoid fatigue and eye strain that can often occur with ineffective lighting for studying or reading and doing other tasks as well. The right light is everything.

To ensure there’s enough brightness for your students heading back to school, consider these 5 tips:

  1. Look for energy saving bulbs from eco halogen to LED, providing warm white light that’s easy on the eyes.
  2. Use a 40 to 60-watt light bulb for tasks such as reading and writing.
  3. Use a 60-watt light bulb for tasks such as using a computer.
  4. Use a 60 to 80-watt light bulb for detail oriented tasks.
  5. Avoid cool fluorescent bulbs that emit harsh lighting. They strain your eyes and make you feel tired.

At Yale Lighting Concepts and Design, we carry a variety of bulbs and we’re here to help you find the right wattage. Visit any one of our seven showrooms throughout Central and Southeastern PA, Northern DE, and Southern New Jersey or browse

Different Rooms Have Different Lighting Needs

Lighting encompasses so much more than simply sticking a light bulb into a socket. The fact is every room in your home needs a Progress lluma-Flex Kitchen Lighting different type of lighting. For instance, you certainly wouldn’t want the same bright lighting you need in your kitchen to also be present in your cozy living room.

Certain types of lighting evoke a certain type of mood in addition to being practical and useful. Not sure what type of lighting you need? We’re here to help you figure that out.

Lighting For The Living Room

Depending on what type of activity is going on at any given time, you might actually need more than one light source in the living area. You also want to keep in mind that, if you have large or numerous windows in that room, you won’t need as much lighting during the day.

Table or floor lamps often do the trick for this room, as most of the lighting is utilized in the evening hours. This is when everyone usually comes home from work, is finished with dinner, yet hasn’t retired for the evening. This type of lighting works well when watching television, reading a book or just relaxing in front of the fire.

Lighting For The Bedroom

Unless you’re a child or teenager, you probably don’t spend much time in your bedroom. With that consideration, it’s safe to point out that a child or teenager will need a lot more lighting in their bedroom than an adult will. In that instance, overhead lighting is usually better, with a small table lamp included when less light is needed.

Most bedroom could get by with floor or wall lamps, or even a chandelier type of ceiling lamp. All of these can add a simple elegance that goes with nearly any decor.

Lighting For Bathrooms and Kitchens

In these two rooms, you are most likely to need the most amount of light. The activities that go on in these rooms are of a nature that lighting is of the utmost importance. Good, strong overhead lights, track lighting and even chandeliers will be right at home in these rooms.

The bathroom and kitchen would also be good places to try out LED lighting, if you have been considering them. Since you need good light in these rooms, you’ll know quickly whether or not they will work for you.

If you’re still stuck and unsure about exactly what type of lighting you need, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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2 Stunning Lighting Ideas For Your Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be your relaxing, peaceful haven; a place for you to escape and unwind at the end of a long day. And Kichler 43750OZ_Emile_Bedroom part of what will help you achieve a serene ambiance is having the proper lighting. In this post, we will take a look at two stunning lighting ideas for your master bedroom.

  1. Hanging Pendant Lights: Want lighting fixtures that actually take up less space and add a hint of ultra contemporary chicness to your bedroom? Opt for pendant lights that hang from your ceiling instead of lamps that sit on your bedroom nightstand. If you add one hanging pendant light on each side of your bed, you’ll have enough lighting for nighttime reading without so much brightness that it becomes overpowering.
  2. Consider Installing Some Colored Light Bulbs: If you want to strike the right tone for your master bedroom, particularly one that prioritizes a serene atmosphere, you might want to consider including some colored light bulbs for the room. Having the right colors can put you in a relaxing mood and even help your sleep better at night. The other key thing you want to consider if you decide to include colored light bulbs in your room is the location of the lighting fixtures. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself by putting too many colored light bulbs in the bedroom, so having the right amount of them in the right areas of your room is paramount.

Looking for more master bedroom lighting ideas? Don’t hesitate to contact us today!