Staircase Lighting Tips

When it comes to selecting lighting fixtures for staircases, a seemingly obvious choice of adding one or two ceiling lights might seem suitable.  However, using ceiling lights to light up a staircase only works well until one of the light bulbs invariably fails.  In many cases, it can be quite a challenge for a homeowner to safely balance on the stairs, while at the same time reaching overhead to change out a bulb.  There are ladders specially made for staircases, but they are expensive and bulky to store.  One could always go without a light fixture and simply change the bare bulb with one of the newer light bulb changing poles, but an uncovered light bulb is unsightly and produces a harsh lighting environment.  In this post, we wilTilling-Wall-Stairway-DET l outline some tips on how to provide good lighting for staircases, while still adding beauty and style to a home’s decor.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a great choice for staircases.  They provide excellent lighting along the staircase passage and they are easy to reach when a bulb needs changing.  They are also easy to reach for cleaning and dusting.  A standard staircase would be adequately covered by a sconce located near the base of the stairs, as well as one more located near the top of the stairs.  For larger staircases, a homeowner might want to consider adding one or two more sconces midway up the staircase in order to ensure adequate lighting.

Motorized Lighting

For those who have a large dramatic staircase, motorized lighting that can be raised and lowered by adjusting an easy-to-reach switch is a great choice.  Motorized chandeliers and other types of pendant lighting can provide breathtaking drama to a staircase, while providing homeowners with a easy and safe mechanism for changing bulbs and cleaning the fixture.

Table Lamps

Most homeowners will probably find that using sconces or motorized lighting is enough to provide adequate lighting.  In some cases though, a homeowner might want to set a table lamp on a side table near the bottom or top of a staircase.  This offers another way to introduce light to an otherwise dark area, as well as provide a temporary drop off point for keys, wallets, purses, etc.

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Kitchen Lighting – Getting it Right

The kitchen is often one of the main hubs of a home for the entire family.  With open floor plans all the rage these days, the kitchen is oftenkitchen_lighting_brinley_42890ni open to both the dining and main living areas.  With so much family interaction, along with food preparation and entertaining guests during special occasions, it is important to select the right lighting features for all these various functions.  Ambiance is important, but so is safety, as well as showing off the features of a beautifully decorated kitchen area.  In this post, we’ll discuss some of the key factors that come into play when designing the perfect lighting system for the kitchen.

Safety First

The kitchen is not a good place for setting a cozy mood through the use of low lighting.  However, that doesn’t mean a homeowner must resign themselves to unattractive fluorescent lighting either.  Consider the areas where food preparation will typically occur and make sure these areas are well-lit in order to dispel any shadowy areas.  LED strip lighting underneath cabinets helps to illuminate these common prep areas, along with track lighting over a kitchen island.

Add a Layer of Ambiance

While safety is critical when it comes to kitchen lighting, it is also important to add some lighting features to create just the right sense of ambiance throughout the kitchen.  Creating a warm and inviting environment for the kitchen area helps a house feel like a home.  Consider adding downlights around the perimeter of the kitchen and/or pendant lighting above eating areas, whether it is a more formal area such as a kitchen table, or a countertop with bar stools.

Use Accent Lighting

Many homeowners have open shelving or glass cabinets for displaying favorite dishes or a beautiful piece of sculpture or artwork.  Others have a unique backsplash or some other area in the kitchen they would like to highlight.  Adding another layer of lighting to specifically showcase these areas, allows homeowners to add focused style to an otherwise utilitarian space.

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Hallway Lighting – Style and Function Tips

Many people think of hallways, if they think of them at all, as an afterthought.  However, hallways have some important features that often get overlooked.  In some homes, a hallway might be quite wide and serve as part of an entrance to a large home.  In other homArramore-Sconce-Outdoor-DET-RET es, hallways become important if they are poorly lit and hard to navigate through.  Perhaps there are small children in the home who have a tendency to leave toys and other paraphernalia in an otherwise dark hallway, or perhaps a family member is elderly and cannot see very well in regions of the home that are poorly illuminated.

Safety First

When considering lighting options for hallway areas, the most important factor to consider is safety.  Residents need to be able to navigate throughout a home during evening hours and perform various tasks that require good visual acuity.  Wall color can be a factor as well.  Hallways painted in darker colors tend to absorb available light, whereas hallways painted in lighter colors tend to reflect light, making a hallway area a bit easier to navigate through.

When selecting the proper lighting for a hallway, these factors:  wall color, purpose of the hallway, and the age and health of family members are all things to consider.  If the hallway is somewhat narrow, ceiling lights and/or wall sconces are good choices.  If a hallway is fairly wide, a homeowner might want to add a small table at one or both ends of the hallway and add a lamp to provide additional illumination.

Regardless of the choice of lighting fixtures, homeowners can rest assured they don’t have to sacrifice style in order to accommodate safety concerns.  There are many types of sconces, chandeliers and table lamps that can add beauty and style without compromising on safety.

Entrances and Hallways

In some homes, hallways are actually an extension of the entrance way and most homeowners want lighting in these areas to make a grand statement to guests when they arrive.  There are many options for these areas as well.  Stunning chandeliers, unique sconces and ceiling lights, as well as assorted lamps for side tables are all good choices that will add drama and flair to an entrance/hallway.

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Deck & Patio Lighting Made Perfect in Three Ways

Unless you look at tax laws and think “pff, child’s play!” you’re probably looking to make things in your life a bit easier. But then again, isn’t everyone? When it comes to deck & patio lighting, we can help! Even if your deck is brand new, and you really have no idea where to start, thatLANDSCAPE_rail-lights ‘s no need to worry. Our lighting and design specialists can have your deck lit and ready to entertain, quickly and easily.

To get those creative ideas flowing, here are three tips we think will help. If you see something you like, or are suddenly stricken with inspiration, all the better.

  • Safety First: When it comes to outdoor spaces after dark, it’s important to keep safety front and center. Something as small as missing a step or tripping over a piece of decor could lead to serious health risks. If that happens to a guest, it further places you in danger of civil litigation Make sure the space is well lit, above all.
  • Make It Useful: Once safety is established, you’ll want to make sure the lighting you choose is useful to your intents and purposes. For example, if you plan to use your deck for grilling entertainment, make sure cooking areas, food serving areas and tables are well lit. If sitting peacefully and enjoying your evening, make sure chairs and walkways are perfect for the setting.
  • Set the Mood: Once the most important aspects are out of the way, then you can focus on setting the mood for your evenings out on the deck. One way to achieve this is the use of colored lights. You might also choose hardware unique to your specific settings. This option definitely gives you some room to consider a few different options.

If you’re ready to get your lighting under way for your deck, feel free to contact us at your convenience. We can help turn your fantastic ideas into reality, or offer design options you hadn’t even thought of. We look forward to assisting you soon!

Light up Your Life and Your Home’s Interior

Designing a home interior doesn’t stop once the walls have been painted and the sofa pillows have perfectly placed. Interior hoHarrowPendant me lighting should also be a consideration when it comes to creating the right look and feel of your home. The right lighting can elevate the style of your home. Light can create warmth and richness. It can exude class or excitement. When it comes to lighting the interior of your home there are many types of fixtures you can choose.


When it comes to lighting, pendant lights are like a piece of jewelry you use to accessorize the kitchen, bathroom, foyer and any other space you want to light up. Pendant lights are usually single lights that suspend from the ceiling. However, there are stunning fixtures like the five light pendantthat will really make your room pop.


Sconce lights are wall mounted fixtures that can be modern or bring old warm charm to any space. You can bring focus to a piece of art by placing two sconce fixtures on either side. While sconces over nightstands in a bedroom can give you additional lighting and double as wall art. For example, this three light wall sconce is as beautiful as it is functional. Wall sconce lighting is a great addition to your interior lighting.

Track lighting

Track lighting uses a track to fit lights. This allows the lights to be moved into varying positions and also makes track lighting a great choice for hard to light areas. Track lighting rails can be used for pendants as well as spotlights. Track lighting is a stylish choice to add light where you need it.


Chandelier lighting fixtures are often the “piece de resistance” in your home. They are hanging light fixtures that are often made of crystal and have many branches, which are glittered with lights. However, not all of them are necessarily ornate. Chandeliers can also be subdued if that is your taste and there are modern chandeliers like this twelve light chandelier that will sure to be the centerpiece of any room.

When it comes to interior design, don’t forget to light up your life. Lighting and light fixtures are a big part of your design aesthetic and can help you achieve the right ambiance for your home. When it comes to picking your lighting, there are no rules, and Yale Lighting will be here with a large variety of fixtures to choose from.

Bathroom Lighting for modern living

Since the time when people lived in caves to the modern era, one problem has always plagued humanity:  lighting.  TherePayne-Stelle-VanityPen-Bath is no room in the house that is as dependent on good lighting and probably has the least of it as the bathroom. The interesting thing about bathrooms is more often than not, they are in a part of the house that gets the least amount of natural lighting. This is due in part because it is easier to run plumbing through the center of a structure and maintain the integrity of the pipes (due to temperature fluctuation, or just efficiency in getting water from a central location to all the rooms that need it).  Bathrooms really only require a small window or a fan for airflow, by building code standards, meaning that natural light might be hard to come by in some bathrooms.  In some ways, natural light isn’t even as desired as artificial light, especially for applying makeup, since it is inconsistent and might not give you a good idea of how things will look in artificial light.

Regardless of natural light, a bathroom is ideal when it is well-lit.  Selecting the right fixtures can greatly improve how well your bathroom is illuminated for any use.  What’s more, bathrooms don’t always require a lot of light.  Stumbling into the bathroom in the middle of the night and turning on a full vanity mirror might be fine for applying makeup or removing a splinter (when you need a lot of light with a specific brightness), but it won’t make your retinas very happy if you are coming in from a dark room.

Consider different sets of lights for your bathroom.  A vanity mirror in conjunction with general ambient lighting, or even just a light to keep things bright enough for a middle of the night visit are just fine.  Whatever your preference, there is bound to be a system of lighting to meet your needs.  You aren’t just relegated to having one bare bulb in a wall sconce anymore.  Plus, creating a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing lighting system will also add to the curb appeal of your home, as well as adding to your home’s equity.

Contact us if you would like more ideas on bathroom lighting, from fixtures to illuminated sinks, faucets, cabinets, or vanities.  Your home isn’t a cave, and you can bring the light to wherever you need it to be.

Interior Lighting: The Kitchen


You want to light everything you do in the kitchen correctly- so put some thought into your lighting plan for this room. It is totally okay if you spend hours standing in your kitchen discussing exactly where the lighting needs to go. Add a dedicated light over the sink if you can, as well as under-cabinet lighting to increase your ability to function at any task in your kitchen, regardless of the time of day.


Pendants serve like jewelry or accessories for your kitchen. It can take a very long time (and several visits from an FEISS Prarielands-IslandChand-Kitchen electrician) to choose the right ones. Smaller kitchens benefit from clear the can have a larger and more solid looking fixtures. Make sure they hang higher and then eye level so they do not block anyone’s view.


A good lighting plan will ensure the creation of a safe and welcoming ambiance for the room. Consider which light fixtures you will use early on in the design process to make sure you can add light where you actually need it.

The kitchen is the heart of your house, in many ways, so it deserves a thought out lighting plan that addresses this rooms various needs. Good overall lighting design ensures that people will love congregating in this room (as they should!), and you also need to factor in lighting that is aimed at the workspaces within your kitchen.

Task Lighting Tips

Be sure to shine a light on work surfaces in the main cooking and prep areas. Affordable xenon lights are cooler than halogen options and can easily be updated in an existing kitchen layout. Track lighting can be an alternative option to the above-mentioned pendant option and looks great above an island in the center of the room.

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Finding the Right Lighting for Your Living Room

It can be difficult to pick out the right lighting for a living room. With so many different styles of houses and even more styles for personal preference, it can be a daunting task to get even a basic lamp that goes will with everything. When shopping for lighting for your living room, having some basic guidelines can go a long way.

Room Design43097oz_montavello_livingroom_day

The first thing to do is consider the size and shape of your living room. Is the ceiling high and allows for a ceiling fan? Is it so small that having standing lamps seem impractical? Or is it so wide that you need more than a single fixture? And, possibly even more important, what color are the walls? The overall room design can limit what type of lighting you can use based on space. It is vital that you consider how much space you are lighting, and how much room you can devote to just a light fixture.

Room Style

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t expect a ceiling fan in a modern-style house unless it was minimalistic and either white or black. You wouldn’t walk into a ranch-style house and expect to see LED lights on the walls. No, those would seem out of place and might detract from the feel of the room itself. You would expect ceiling fans in a ranch-style house because it seems to fit more naturally than modern-style LED lights.

Room Vibe

Each room has its own vibe, or feeling. When you are picking out the lighting fixture for your living room, think about what you want your guests to feel when they are over. Do you want controllable lighting so you can set the mood, or do you strictly want soft light to give the room a sense of warmth? Do you want your pieces to be eye-catching, or would you prefer your lights to accentuate the rest of the room instead? It is important to understand just how certain levels of lighting can change the ambiance of your space.

Personal Taste

Something to think about when buying a lighting fixture is how YOU feel about what you are buying. There is no point in buying something that you don’t like. If a certain lighting fixture doesn’t mesh with what you are trying to do in the room, then don’t get it. While you wouldn’t want an antique lamp in a modern living room, it can be easy to find something similar to what you like in a different style.

Light Locations

Where are your lights going? Do you want them to sit in the corners and light up the whole room to make it feel spacious, or would you prefer central lighting that leaves the corners in the shadows to make your room feel smaller and more intimate? Do you want fixtures that are stuck on the walls and illuminate the areas around them like a gallery, or would you prefer table-side lighting that give your living room a more homey feel? Where you place your lights can be just as important as how well they light up a room.

The reason why these rules are important is because they will help you decide what type of lighting is right for your living room. The lighting of a room can be just as important as the furniture. A poorly lit room can ruin the overall feel of the space, while a too brightly light room can confuse where the focal point of the room is. Since the living room is where your guests will spend most of their time, it is important to light it in an attractive way that showcases not just your house, but also your personality.

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