Bedroom Lighting Styles

Many homeowners put a significant amount of thought into the lighting they use in other parts of the home, perhaps adding a chandelier to make a grand statement for the entrance of the home, or installing overhead pendant lighting to illuminate a kitchen island. As an afterthought, they might use a standard overhead light, along with a lamp or two in the bedroom. However, there really is so much more homeowners can do with lighting fixtures to make a bedroom feel like a relaxing oasis at the end of the day, in addition to fulfilling some practical functions.

What’s your Style?

In order to set the right tone in the bedroom, it’s important to consider one’s persoKhoury-Wall-Bedroom-DET nal style. Using a favorite décor style will set a more positive and comfortable feeling in an area where people want to spend some relaxation time, rather than trying to adhere some strict decorating rule.

Of course, people typically admire a variety of different styles including contemporary, industrial, glamour styles, rustic, mid-century modern, coastal décor, and more. Fortunately, lighting options have come a long way in recent years. Whatever style a person is drawn to, there are lighting fixtures that will either match or blend with their particular style.

Where to Add Lighting

An overhead light fixture is the classic area to add “wow” factor to a bedroom. Some people like to add a touch of glam by installing a small chandelier overhead, whereas others want to create a relaxed beachy feeling by adding a lighting fixture with a ceiling fan. This latter choice of course, looks amazing in a room decorated with a Coastal/Hamptons feel.

To fulfill practical needs for illumination, some might want to add focused pendant lighting for a corner nook where they can read or knit. Others might want to consider adding a pair of sconces near the bed — great for reading before bedtime or to use while watching TV.

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Highlight Mother Nature with Outdoor Garden Lighting

Most people love the change in seasons — when the days become longer, the temperatures warm up, and they can finally spend some time outdoors to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Of course, many people enjoy taking care of their garden and landscaping features around the home as well. For those who enjoy such pastimes, why not add the right lighting fixtures to show off all that hard work? It’s a great way to extend tHinkley Landscape 115_HardyIsland_16022MZ he time a homeowner can enjoy their landscaping efforts, as well as providing an attractive environment for get-togethers with family members and friends. Neighboring pedestrians will also appreciate beautiful highlighted landscaping features to look at while they take their evening stroll.

Highlight the Best Features

Everyone has different ideas as to what makes the perfect garden and landscape area around the home. Some might want to spotlight an ornamental flowering tree, or perhaps a grouping of trees. Others might want to show off their beautiful flower beds to passersby. Some homeowners have large private backyards where they spend time entertaining friends and family during the warmer months. By having the right lighting fixtures outdoors, homeowners can extend their party times into the evening hours. Guests and family members can relax outdoors and enjoy strategically-placed illumination, perhaps taking a stroll along a lighted path to view garden features more closely.

Lighting it Up

After deciding what landscaping features to focus on, then it’s time to find the right lighting fixtures to do the job. To highlight a grouping of flowers or trees, there are both below ground and above ground flood lighting fixtures that can do the trick. String lighting can add sparkle to trees and bushes. Outdoor lanterns and post lighting can highlight garden paths, along with solar lighting spikes. Illuminating a small pond or water fountain is also a great way to add some pizzazz to one’s backyard.

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Landscape Lighting – Safety, Security, and Style

It won’t be long before the chilly temperatures and gray, cloudy days of the winter season will soon be forgotten. Springtime will arrive right on schedule and with the new season, many homeowners will turn their attention to their outdoor landscape. With all the effort that people will put into making their yards look beautiful in the upcoming season, it’s important to consider how the right lighting features can highlight all that hard work. Outdoor lighting also serves other important functions such as supporting security measures against nighttime prowlers, along with providing su#1%20Kichler_Landscape_Tree_and_Wall_SQ_preview fficient illumination to keep homeowners from stumbling around in the dark and fumbling for their keys after they arrive home.

Illuminating Outdoor Features

Many homeowners use their backyard as a staycation throughout the spring and summer seasons. When families are too busy to get away from it all, it’s nice to know they can relax on their back porch or deck, invite friends over for dinner, and perhaps relax by the pool or hot tub. Of course, it’s important to have all the necessary lighting for these types of outdoor activities. Lighting manufacturers now offer spectacular options in wall sconces, and beautiful pendant lighting specially designed for the outdoors. Path and walkway lighting options offer features that serve not only to illuminate an evening stroll through the garden, but they themselves add a decorative note as well. Landscape flood lights are a great option for those who want to highlight a beautiful bed of flowers or a miniature decorative tree.

Adding Security to the Home

Adding security lighting features to key points around the home, including all entrance points, is a known deterrent for discouraging criminal behavior. Motion detector lighting not only can help prevent break-ins, it can also help discourage nighttime critters from foraging in the yard and digging up flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.

Personal Safety

It’s important for both family members and guests to have sufficient lighting as they traverse walkways and paths and other areas around the home. Fortunately, there are a multitude of lighting options available to ensure just that. There are in ground well lights that help illuminate walkways, deck rail lights, baluster lighting, post lighting, and much more. Even homeowners who don’t spend a lot of time outdoors in the evening, still appreciate having a clear path to entrances of their home, as well as an overhead light or wall sconces at every door so they don’t have to fish for their keys in the dark.

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Kitchen Lighting Strategies

In many homes, the kitchen area is often the main hub of the home. This area typically houses activities such as food preparation and cleanup, and often works as a gathering place where families can meet after work or school to discuss their day. Some kitchens may house a mini-office area where homeowners sit and work on a monthly budget, or children use as a place where they complete homework. The kitchen is probably the primary area in the home that requires multiple lighting sources in order to properly illuminate a variety of tasks.

Defining Function

When investing in lighting options for the kitchen, it is important to consider all the ways in which the area may be used. Most hoRM_FS_Matrimonio_PendantChandelier_APP_P1395DFWDWZ meowners have counterspace either underneath overhead cupboards or on an island where they do most of their prep work for meals. Of course, it’s not uncommon for food preparation to require the use of sharp knives, and other equipment such as blenders and choppers that use sharp blades, so it is really important for these areas to have clear, focused lighting for potentially hazardous tasks.

Some kitchens need focused lighting for areas where homeowners have set up a mini-desk area for computer tasks, meal planning and budgeting. Countertops typically serve as food prep areas, but some may also play a dual role as a lunch counter, where family members can draw up a stool for a quick bite to eat. In some homes, parents may have set up a small play area in a corner of their kitchen so they can keep an eye on young toddlers while they prepare meals.

Lighting Options

Home lighting options have exploded in recent years and there really is a perfect lighting solution for every area of the kitchen. Recessed overhead lighting offers instant illumination throughout an entire kitchen area, much more so than a single overhead light. Where bright focused lighting is required, there are plenty of track lighting options to choose from, as well as pendant lighting. There are also lighting options that can be installed underneath cupboards to illuminate countertops used for food preparation. Mini-chandeliers can offer a touch of glamour and style to any kitchen, and pendant-style lighting looks spectacular over a kitchen island or lunch countertop. Some homeowners also like to add lighting strips inside glass cupboards or near ceiling height, to show off special kitchen décor, or just to add a soft glow during the evening hours.

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Bathroom Lighting – Style and Safety Tips

In recent years bathroom remodeling projects have become very popular. It really should come as no surprise since people use the bathroom area for a variety of different functions. From personal grooming activities such as shaving or applying makeup, to relaxing in a warm bath after a long day at work, the bathroom is actually one of the most used rooms in the home.

Consider Function

When determining the appropriate lighting fixtures required for such a multi-purpose room, it’s important to consider all the different functions that take place in the area. For most households, a single overhead light fixture is not flexible enough to meet all the needs for lighting throughout the bathroom. Homeowners should consider the times when they need bright focused lighting, as well as other times when they want a softer glow in the bathroom. This might be when they want to relax and unwind in their spa tub or when they make a nighttime trip to the bathroom. Other homes may house senior citizens who appreciate extra illumination as they are entering and exiting the shower and/or tub area.

Whatever the requirements, there are lighting solutions that will provide effective illumination. Track ligFS_Adelaide_Bath_APP_VS2471MBK hting or wall sconces are great choices to add illumination around mirrors, where people typically need focused lighting for personal grooming tasks. Light strips on top of cabinets can add a soft glow that promotes relaxation, as well as providing some soft illumination for middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom. Recessed lighting may be an option in some parts of the bathroom — spreading light to otherwise dark corners of the room. Lastly, depending upon the bathroom size, there may be enough room to add pendant lighting or even a small chandelier for added drama.

Safety Concerns

Bathrooms are somewhat unique in that safety concerns are a factor as well. When it comes to placement of lighting fixtures, there are certain building codes that must be followed in order to prevent occupants from potentially coming in contact with electrical components as they are using the tub, shower, etc. Before getting their heart set on pendant lighting to show off their new spa tub, homeowners need to check with local building codes to determine the safety zones around the tub and shower areas.

It certainly is possible to add lighting features to illuminate the challenging areas, it just takes some expert know-how. Here at Yale Lighting, we can offer great tips and advice on how to showcase all the important features of your bathroom. Contact us today for more information on how to safely add beautiful lighting to all your bathrooms.

Increase Safety and Efficiency with Smart Lighting

If you’ve ever walked down the frozen food aisle in a grocery store and noticed your path was effortlessly illuminated as you continued to maneuver the cart down the aisle, then you know what smart lighting can do. Of course, these same types of smart technologies are expanding for the home as well. Just as smart technologies help reduce energy costs for businesses, so will they do the same for homeow23-Weston-P1262CI ners, along with some other really great features.

Increasing Efficiency

Smart lighting features, along with LED light bulbs, can help homeowners avoid wasting money on excessive energy bills. Today’s new smart lighting components can do more than simply turn a lamp on or off. Now with a simple voice command, homeowners can lower the lighting in a room if they want a more relaxed atmosphere, or if they need more lighting for reading or working on crafts, they can easily accomplish that as well. Smart lighting features allow homeowners to go beyond the “one size fits all” lighting of the past. Now they can fine tune their lighting and only pay for the lighting they need, when they need it.

Increasing Safety

App-enabled home security systems, as well as voice-activated devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home Hubs, are changing the way in which homeowners secure them home, regardless of whether they are actually home or if they are thousands of miles away. When coupled together, these smart devices along with smart lighting technologies, allow homeowners much greater control over their home lighting. With a few simple swipes on their smart phones, homeowners can add an additional layer of security to their property. By manipulating both interior and exterior lights, homeowners can look as if they are home when they really aren’t.

Smart lighting features can also be programmed to light up automatically both in the home’s interior and exterior by merely sensing movement. Imagine no tripping over rugs, pets, or children’s toys in order to reach a light switch. Programming a home’s exterior lighting also makes coming home in the dark so much easier.

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Making An Entrance; Lighting Options For Home Entryways

First impressions are everything, and that, of course, applies to when people walk into your home. You want to make a statement, show off your style, and provide the perfect ambiance for guests you welcome into your home. One way to be sure you show off your best style is with the lighting options you choose for your home’s entryway. Choosing the right lighting can be slightly overwhelming, so here are just a few of the options we suggest, along with the overall feel that can be accomplished with the type of lighting.

Recessed Lighting

A simple and classic form of lighting, recessed lighting refers to bulbs that are installed into the ceilinTilling-Wall-Stairway g. This lighting type provides a non-intrusive look in your entryway while offering ample light to welcome people into your home. These types of lights are classic and will fit any style you choose, as well as suit any future changes your home goes through. Choose specialty or energy efficient bulbs to fit your style and preference.


The ultimate look of elegance, create a statement piece as soon as guests enter your home with a chandelier for your entryway lighting. With options ranging from exuberant crystal pieces to more simple and rustic wooden or iron pieces, chandeliers can wow family and friends as soon as they open your door.


If your entryway has room for a table or a floor lamp, these options may be perfect for the home that does not have the wiring for a ceiling lamp or to add depth as accent lighting to a larger piece on the ceiling. Choosing a base to fit your style and shade that provides the perfect level of light to fit your space and adds to the warm feeling of your home.


Making your lighting choices for your entryway is an essential part in creating the perfect first impression as guests are welcomed into your home. With a plethora of options, please contact us with any questions or comments in choosing the perfect lighting for your entryway!

Lamp Shade Lighting Tips

Lamp shade selection is all about the primary purpose of the lamp base upon which the lamp shade will reside. The use of lamps in any given room is typically divided into three main purposes. The main purpose of most lamps is to provide focused light for tasks such as reading, office work, or working on crafts or other hobbies. The second purpose of lamps has to do with instilling a certain mood or feeling within a room. Examples include soft lamp lighting that can make a room feel more relaxed and cozy, as well as other lamps that add a touch of whimsy to a child’s bedroom or playroom. Lastly, lamps can be used to add that “wow” factor to a room’s overall décor. For all these purposes, the lamp shade one decides to place on tkichler_lamps (2) he lamp base plays a major role in fulfilling the lamp’s overall purpose.

Lamp Shade Color

If a lamp’s primary purpose is to provide focused lighting, it’s best to stick to lighter lamp shade colors such as white, crème, or perhaps a light gray. Lighter shades allow as much light as possible to reach an individual, thus enabling them to clearly focus on their task. The fabric material can also play a key role in the proper distribution of light. Sticking to organic fabrics such as cotton or linen will allow more light to shine through.

If a lamp’s primary purpose is to add a sense of warmth or coziness to an area of a room, it’s best to stick to darker colors. Darker colors will lessen the light radiating from the lamp, creating a softer light. If the lamp’s main purpose is to add visual interest to a specific décor, then the lamp shade color could either be bold to add a pop of color to the room’s décor, or the shade color could blend in with other colors in the room in order to provide continuity. In other words, it’s really up to the decorator and how they want to use lamp shade color as a decorating tool.


Of course, it’s always important to consider lamp bulb choice when creating the perfect lamp ensemble. Low wattage light will not be enough for focused tasks and it may not be enough even for ambience lighting. Too strong a light bulb will overtax the lamp base, as well as potentially causing eye strain from excessive glare.

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