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Lighting Tips for the Master Bedroom

Setting The Mood In Your Bedroom

    Lighting is a powerful tool for setting a mood in any room. Bright lighting can make a room feel bigger. Craftmade Bedroom SLider CI52BN Dimmer lighting can make a room feel cozier and more comfortable. Since your bedroom is where you sleep and sometimes work, you want to set the right mood for it. There are a few ideas that can give you total control over the bedroom’s atmosphere.

Dimmers To Adjust The Mood

Dimmers don’t just save energy. They give you control over the level of lighting, which lets you decide if you want something easy on the eyes while you doze off or something bright to let you read. If you want to make your room feel cozier, you can direct the dimmed lights to the middle of the room. This will make your room feel smaller. It will also let you create a romantic mood with the shadows. With the number of things that you do in your bedroom, you want that versatility, and dimmers let you match any atmosphere you need without changing the furniture.

Lamp Placement For Drama

Where you put your lights can be key to creating the mood. Putting hanging lamps in your room effectively lowers the ceiling. You can position them over the furniture that you want to highlight for dramatic effect or practical use. You can also put them in a line to cast a soft glow on your favorite wall  (the one with your favorite art.) You can put a chandelier in the middle of the room for a brighter feeling in the room.

Hanging Lamp Covers That Match Or Contrast With The Walls

Pick the light covers with care. The material’s effect on the light will dramatically change how it effects the room. Plus, the materials themselves can provide a contrast to the wall and ceiling or blend in to the background for any number of effects. Mini shades and decorative lamp covers can bring a fun element to your decor, and they can add an elegant touch as well. Light covers can be the ultimate in mood creation if you pick the right ones.

If you need help creating the right mood for your bedroom, contact us. We have a wide array of styles and accessories for you to choose from. You are sure to find something that is perfect for your bedroom.

Fun Lighting for a Girl’s Bedroom

A girl’s bedroom should always be a sanctuary where she’s comfortable and surrounded by the things she loves. As such, you Feiss Chateau bedroom shouldn’t decorate her room as you would an adult bedroom. You want to fill a girl’s room with fun designs and colors. These style choices include the lighting.

Lighting for a Girl’s Bedroom:

Table Lamps — Most girls love to collect seashells. Table lamps with a colorful coral reef base are unique additions to almost any girl’s bedroom. Red, orange or green coral will incorporate fun and bright colors into her room. If she has more than one nightstand with lamps, consider a different color for each table lamp. For something less colorful but equally fun, try table lamps with a conch or oyster seashell built into the base. If you prefer something even more unique, consider table lamps with shells encased inside clear glass. Your child will love this style, which looks like their seashell collection exists right inside the base of their lamp.

Flush Mount — Ceiling lights in homes often look a bit drab, because a lot of thought doesn’t always go into overhead light fixtures, especially in children’s rooms. However, fun and beautiful choices do exist. One unique design that looks great in a girl’s bedroom is bowl-style art glass. Consider a light-colored bowl with splashes of colorful art glass in a variety of shapes and sizes. This multi-colored light fixture adds an unusual and fun look to a room. The fixture delightfully resembles an art project with its splash of colors.

For more ideas and lighting options for a girl’s bedroom, please contact us today. We offer a variety of fun and unique lighting fixtures in a multitude of styles and finishes!

Home Lighting Ideas for your Master Bedroom

When decorating rooms in our homes, we think about our lighting needs in the kitchen, bathrooms, and office. For the bedrooms, often we just set up a couple of lamps and we’re done. However, lighting is extremely important, even for bedrooms. One particular bedroom that you don’t want to overlook is the master bedroom.Kichler 43750OZ_Emile_Bedroom

Home Lighting Ideas for your Master Bedroom:

Ceiling Lights or a Ceiling Fan with Lights — You’ll need adequate overhead lighting for when you clean, for when you’re trying to put together a special outfit, for reading that small print on the back of products, or for any activity that calls for brightness. Your ceiling light also sets the tone for the whole room, so start with selecting a style that complements the rest of your decor. For example, a chandelier reflects elegance. A fan with one or more lights is perfect for a contemporary look and adds comfort, especially during the hot summer months.

Table Lamps — You’ll want table lamps on each side of the bed for when you’re reading, or you just want a little extra light when you get up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Depending on the type of night stands you have, you’ll want to select a lamp height that doesn’t cause the light to glare into your eyes while you’re sitting on the bed. Choose anything from rustic to contemporary, or try something truly eye-catching like art glass, depending on what matches your aesthetic.

Sconces — These are a nice touch for something different and a bit unique. They’re also perfect for creating a romantic mood. Place a sconce with a low-wattage bulb in the center of the wall above your headboard or place a couple over the fireplace, if you have one, to soften the entire feel of the room.

These are just a few options. Choosing the right styles and finishes for your fixtures can completely change the atmosphere of your master bedroom. Contact us today for the latest in lighting and fans. We deliver the best service, the best products, and the best prices!