Making An Entrance; Lighting Options For Home Entryways

First impressions are everything, and that, of course, applies to when people walk into your home. You want to make a statement, show off your style, and provide the perfect ambiance for guests you welcome into your home. One way to be sure you show off your best style is with the lighting options you choose for your home’s entryway. Choosing the right lighting can be slightly overwhelming, so here are just a few of the options we suggest, along with the overall feel that can be accomplished with the type of lighting.

Recessed Lighting

A simple and classic form of lighting, recessed lighting refers to bulbs that are installed into the ceilinTilling-Wall-Stairway g. This lighting type provides a non-intrusive look in your entryway while offering ample light to welcome people into your home. These types of lights are classic and will fit any style you choose, as well as suit any future changes your home goes through. Choose specialty or energy efficient bulbs to fit your style and preference.


The ultimate look of elegance, create a statement piece as soon as guests enter your home with a chandelier for your entryway lighting. With options ranging from exuberant crystal pieces to more simple and rustic wooden or iron pieces, chandeliers can wow family and friends as soon as they open your door.


If your entryway has room for a table or a floor lamp, these options may be perfect for the home that does not have the wiring for a ceiling lamp or to add depth as accent lighting to a larger piece on the ceiling. Choosing a base to fit your style and shade that provides the perfect level of light to fit your space and adds to the warm feeling of your home.


Making your lighting choices for your entryway is an essential part in creating the perfect first impression as guests are welcomed into your home. With a plethora of options, please contact us with any questions or comments in choosing the perfect lighting for your entryway!

Lamp Shade Lighting Tips

Lamp shade selection is all about the primary purpose of the lamp base upon which the lamp shade will reside. The use of lamps in any given room is typically divided into three main purposes. The main purpose of most lamps is to provide focused light for tasks such as reading, office work, or working on crafts or other hobbies. The second purpose of lamps has to do with instilling a certain mood or feeling within a room. Examples include soft lamp lighting that can make a room feel more relaxed and cozy, as well as other lamps that add a touch of whimsy to a child’s bedroom or playroom. Lastly, lamps can be used to add that “wow” factor to a room’s overall décor. For all these purposes, the lamp shade one decides to place on tkichler_lamps (2) he lamp base plays a major role in fulfilling the lamp’s overall purpose.

Lamp Shade Color

If a lamp’s primary purpose is to provide focused lighting, it’s best to stick to lighter lamp shade colors such as white, crème, or perhaps a light gray. Lighter shades allow as much light as possible to reach an individual, thus enabling them to clearly focus on their task. The fabric material can also play a key role in the proper distribution of light. Sticking to organic fabrics such as cotton or linen will allow more light to shine through.

If a lamp’s primary purpose is to add a sense of warmth or coziness to an area of a room, it’s best to stick to darker colors. Darker colors will lessen the light radiating from the lamp, creating a softer light. If the lamp’s main purpose is to add visual interest to a specific décor, then the lamp shade color could either be bold to add a pop of color to the room’s décor, or the shade color could blend in with other colors in the room in order to provide continuity. In other words, it’s really up to the decorator and how they want to use lamp shade color as a decorating tool.


Of course, it’s always important to consider lamp bulb choice when creating the perfect lamp ensemble. Low wattage light will not be enough for focused tasks and it may not be enough even for ambience lighting. Too strong a light bulb will overtax the lamp base, as well as potentially causing eye strain from excessive glare.

If you would like to know more about how to select the perfect lamps and lamp shades for all the areas in your home, please contact us!

This, Not That: Three Reasons Why Recessed Lighting is Right For You

The goals of recessed lighting is to add visibility and ambiance to your home. Modern spaces are generally where recessed lights flourish, but also fit well into traditional spaces. From washing walls with a warm glow to drawing attention to art pieces, this lighting feature is capable of transforming any space. So is recessed lighting right for your home? Read below to learn three reasons why recessed lighting is the right choice to make when building or renovating your home.

1. Illuminating

With recessed lighting the possibilities are endless. No matter the space, objects, art, and walls can be washed in light. It’s key however to ensure that what you are wanting to highlight is done so properly with correct positioning and bulb color. Lighting the wall, not the floor, is th300269ap_6t120h30wh_43846whled30_6hs30k06al__6hs30k12al_livingroom (1) e ultimate goal. Recessed lighting can also be used as spotlights. Narrow beams will draw attention to a specific moment within a room helping to create ambiance.

2. Sleek and Space Saving

Upon choosing the right trim style, recessed lighting offers a unique design element: it’s flush with the ceiling. This characteristic allows a room to gain its full visual aesthetic. Also, limited headroom and inaccessibility is no longer an issue since the lighting is recessed. Small in size and sunk into the ceiling, recessed lighting easily gives the illusion that a room is much larger than it actually is.

3. Energy Efficient

With these lights you can definitely save on utility bills. Recessed lighting requires low voltage, ensuring energy savings. Most often these lights respond well when used with a dimming switch, allowing uniform, soft lighting. Recessed lights are often referred to as can lights, and are great for layering with other types of lighting such as pendants. This way, the ceiling does not end up looking like Swiss cheese.

At Yale Lighting Concepts and Design we are happy to help you learn more about recessed lighting and how it can illuminate your space. Feel free to contact us today to discuss products and design.

Home Office Lighting – Add Function and Style

More and more people work remotely, and even for those who still have a traditional job at an employer’s office, an important hub in many homes centers around a computer station. Whether it’s answering emails, or printing out important documents or homework, a home office is an integral part of many homes. Regardless of whether one is using their office for personal tasks or as an employee working remotely, it is very importanED_Darwin_Pend_APP2_EP1011MWT t to have adequate lighting in a home office, allowing one to easily read information on documents and computer screens.

Consider Function

When determining what type of lighting will adequately serve a particular room, it’s important to consider all the various functions a room will incorporate. A person who is self-employed may require an area in their home office where they greet clients and review printed documents together. Another individual may work at home, but they also want to have a small play area in their office where they can keep an eye on toddlers. Others want to have a space where they can highlight certifications or awards they received during their career. Sometimes a home office may double as a library in the evening. Lastly, a home office invariably involves extensive computer use. All of these different types of functions require additional lighting beyond a simple overhead light fixture.

Lighting Options

Recessed lighting is a great choice for those who want to illuminate otherwise dark corners of a home office. This, along with track lighting, can highlight spaces such as a small play area for toddlers, an area to review documents with clients, or to highlight awards. For a home office that doubles as a library, wall sconces are a great option. Sconces provide extra light for reading in a comfortable chair or couch, while also invoking a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. For focused office work, consider pendant lighting that can be moved up and down as needed. LED strips can also add focused light to otherwise dark areas around a desk or filing cabinet.


Whatever lighting options a homeowner decides to invest in, there are dozens of attractive styles to choose from. A home office can be just as beautiful and stylish as every other room in the house. If you would like to know more about illuminating a home office, please contact us!

Choosing Your New Dining Room Lighting

Annie-Chand-Dining The dining room is the heart of the home. It’s where you’ll host dinners, where your kids might spread out their homework, where you’ll carve the Thanksgiving turkey, and where you’ll simply come together as a family every evening. What better way to make your dining room the warm and welcoming place you need it to be than with your lighting? Here are some tips for choosing the perfect dining room lighting.

Ceiling Height

Make sure to account for the height of your ceiling when you go shopping for new light fixtures. It’s easy to think of chandeliers right away for a dining room, but if you have lower ceilings, a flush mount might be the best option.

Natural Lighting

In modern homes, open concept layouts are extremely popular in home designs, allowing for ample natural lighting throughout the home. When you have a lot of natural lighting, you want to keep the light fixtures soft and warm. Industrial styles with vintage Edison bulbs look wonderful in open concept homes because they don’t overdo the brightness. In homes where the dining room has fewer windows, look to a more traditional chandelier that will provide the space with a brighter atmosphere.

Reflect Your Style

It’s easy to style your home with furniture and wall decor, but keep in mind that your light fixtures can (and should!) reflect the style of your home as well, in addition to being practical. In your dining room, choose a sphere pendant with wood accents to incorporate your rustic style or a gorgeous starburst style for a contemporary look. The possibilities are endless.

Mix It Up

Chandeliers are the go-to choice for dining room lighting, but if a chandelier doesn’t quite provide the amount of light you need for your space, mix up the look by adding some wall sconces or a couple matching table lamps on a buffet table. Adding layers to your dining area will create intrigue and an ultimately more fun space to entertain in while remaining practical by ensuring the room is adequately lit.

Choosing a new light fixture for your dining room can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Stay focused on what you need for your space and you’ll find the perfect fixture to reflect your style without overdoing it. Contact us today for help choosing your next dining room light fixture!

Basement Lighting – Adding the Right Style and Illumination

More and more families are finding their basements are a great space for a home office, a gaming area, an additional bedroom, or just a large space where families can get together, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Just as with above ground residential spaces, lighting options for basements have greatly expanded in recent years. No longer is it necessary to select from a limited range of options like harsh fluorescent overhead lighting, a few lamps or worse yet, a bare light bulb. With today’s wide array of lighting designs, there are basement lighting solutions for every type of décor including industrial, nautical, “man cave”, contemporary and much more.

Consider Purpose

The first step in finding all the perfect lighting solutions for your basement space is to consider all the various activities your family will use the space for. A small kitchenette will require bright lighting for tasks such as dishwashing and food preparation, including the use of sharp instruments such as knives. A home office space requires sufficient lighting to read paperwork and use office equipment such as a PC, a scanner/printer, etc. A space for a man cave might need lighting to highlight sports trophies or other memorabilia. Lastly, other activities such as knitting, watching TV, gaming, reading, or just interacting with other family members in basement living areas — all require adequate illumination.310175wn_phree_gameroom

Adding the Style

Once you determine where you would like general lighting, as well as all the various basement regions that require focused lighting, then the fun begins as you determine which styles are most appealing. Industrial-style track lighting is a great choice for those who would like to harmonize with the industrial feel already found in many basements. However, there is also gorgeous contemporary track lighting and many other styles that offer focused lighting for any variety of activities. Pendant lighting and wall sconces are other great choices for focused lighting. Large metal orbs or glass fixtures can make a grand statement to any basement entrance, adding that “wow” factor that will set the stage for the rest of the area.

While many homeowners focus on the main areas of the basement that will require illumination, one area that often is neglected is the staircase leading down to the basement itself. Those with a contemporary style might want to select LED lighting that will illuminate each stair for a dramatic look. Others might want to consider multiple theatre-style night lights that will add proper illumination in strategic areas along the entire staircase.


Whatever style you decide on for your basement remodeling project, we can help you select the perfect lighting that will complement your style and bring an otherwise dark space in your home to life. Please contact us for great lighting choices for basement areas, or anywhere else in the home.

Lighting & Remodeling For The Winter

The chilly months of winter can often make us appreciate the warmth and comfort of our homes. While the weather outside may be snowy and cold, it’s nice to relax indoors within a pleasant atmosphere away from these seasonal concerns. Remodeling for the winter can be a fantastic way of creating a comfortable refuge, giving you and your family a relaxed and inviting space in which to live until spring. As with any remodeling project, lighting plays an important role in how everything is perceived. With winter remodeling, a few particular touches have the potential to transform your hoFEISS Prarielands-IslandChand-Kitchen me into one perfect for lifting you up out of the cold.

As the nights are becoming darker, your lighting fixtures should provide a soft glow that accentuates the feeling of warmth within the room. Lightbulbs themselves play an important role here, with different color accents providing different moods. Blue-white bulbs generally give off a colder vibe, so try to find bulbs with a warm white color for all your fixtures. Overhead lights are great but aren’t strictly a necessity. You may find it more appealing to use table and floor lamps throughout, providing a snuggly, low lit environment to curl up in. Of course, another great way to achieve a warm, cozy effect is through chandeliers. Modern chandeliers offer a brilliant twinkling effect to your light that can really enhance its beauty as it illuminates. Lantern style coverings for lamps and wall-mounted lights are excellent for the same reason. They offer a peaceful warm glow while providing a gorgeously quaint aesthetic to their surroundings. You may also enjoy some stylish glass covers for your wall-mounted lights, as these come in an assortment of exquisite shapes that pair well with the soft wintery theme.

At Yale Lighting, we offer thousands of options to choose from in our online catalog and within our two showrooms in Pennsylvania. Visit us here to learn more and take a look at all the different ways of transforming your home lighting this winter!

4 Quick Lighting Tips for the Modern Bedroom

Back in the day, you say a single bulb hanging in the center of the room with a pull-string and a button in most bedrooms. Bedroom lighting has come a long way since then. Modern bedroom lighting is geared toward the variety of activities that often take place in a bedroom. Here are 4 quick lighting tips for the modern bedroom that you should keep in mind.


Layered Lighting

To create the very best usable light for the various activities that take place in your bedroom you will want to layer your lighting. This is a type of lighting design, which focuses on different levels of illumination for different aspects of the room. The three main levels of layering include:


  • Ambient lighting creates a soft glow in various corners of the room.
  • Task lighting directs light to a specific position in order to provide light for specific tasks.
  • Accent lighting draws attention to certain features of the room like artwork.


Layering is important when it comes to creating various types of moods and draws out the design features of your bedroom.


Consider Brightness Levels

That single bare bulb in the middle of those bedrooms of the past probably isn’t the look you’re going for in a modern bedroom, but it provides a great point of contrast. Brightness in varying degrees is one of the concepts associated with layering. Ambient light, tends to be a dim suggestion of light, but accent lighting and task lighting can be brighter by degrees. The suggested lumens for a bedroom range between 2,000 and 4,000 with whatever bright lights are included focused on a specific spot for the purpose of accenting or providing task lighting.


Consider Lighting Colors

This doesn’t mean that you go with all of the colors of the rainbow for a disco throwback look. The lighting colors we are talking about has to do with the glow given off by various types of bulbs. You don’t have to go with straight bright white. Today’s lighting colors have varying ranges with amber, rose, violet and blue hints to create a warmer and more relaxing tone.



What would a modern bedroom be without some useful gadgets like dimmers that are operated by a remote control? Dimmers are one way to have more control over properly lighting the range of activities that often take place in a bedroom.


Lighting a bedroom has gone well beyond the days of a single bare bulb and a bedside lamp. Modern lighting for a bedroom is best achieved through layering and greater consideration for brightness and color. Yale Lighting can help you design and install the right type of modern lighting in your bedroom